Healthcare Recruiter Job Duties

By | December 19, 2012

Medical recruiter is employed at hospitals and healthcare centers or may even work for a recruitment agency that provides human resource to the healthcare industry. There are a number of tasks that a healthcare recruiter is required to do of which the chief task or duty is to recruit suitable candidates to fill various positions of the hospital or healthcare center.

This recruitment process involves screening the applicant’s resumes, scheduling interviews, conducting interviews, judging the applicant’s on various parameters, preparing interview results and various others tasks which are mentioned below in detail.

One should have thorough knowledge about various processes and procedures of the healthcare industry as only then he would be able to judge these applicants.

Healthcare Recruiter Job Duties

  • Healthcare Recruiter is required to seek appropriate candidates for different positions in the healthcare industry. He may post advertisements regarding the openings at different positions in the newspapers, magazines and job sites for this purpose.
  • Healthcare Recruiter is required to go through the resumes received from various applicants and short list the suitable ones.
  • Healthcare Recruiter needs to schedule interviews and inform about the interview dates to the applicants.
  • Healthcare Recruiter is required to make arrangements for the interview and ensure that both interviewers and interviewees reach the interview venue on time.
  • Healthcare Recruiter is required to provide some information about the applicants to the interviewers before they are sent to them for the interviews.
  • Healthcare Recruiter needs to take the first or may be even the second round of interview and shortlist the candidates further.
  • Healthcare Recruiter is then required to schedule the interview of these short listed candidates with the department heads or other senior officials of the relevant department for which the candidate is being interviewed.
  • Healthcare Recruiter needs to prepare interview results and inform about the same to the candidates.

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