Health Worker Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Health Worker Job Duties include providing health care services to clients. They are mostly employed at clinics, nursing homes or hospitals. It is essential to gain relevant educational qualification in the healthcare field in order to get into this position. Most employers look for health workers having a similar work experience.

Health Worker Job Duties

  • Health Workers needs to work under the guidance of doctors and other healthcare staff.

  • Health Workers see to it that their patient’s treatment records and other health related information remains confidential.

  • Health Workers need to look after emergency medical cases calmly. They should be able to take quick decisions in such situations.

  • Health Workers need to operate medical equipment’s to conduct various medical treatments.

  • Health Workers are required to take blood tests, x-rays, ultra sound, etc. and also read their reports in order to find out as to what ailment the patients are suffering from.

  • Health Workers may prepare patients for undergoing health treatments.

  • Health Workers need to use medical equipment’s in order to carry out various treatments

  • Health Workers are required to develop hygiene programs to ensure the cleanliness of the hospitals or clinics they are employed at.

  • Health Workers need to keep a check on the patients’ health progress and make changes in the medication if required.

  • Health Workers need to maintain a record of the patients’ ailment and the treatment and medication he is undergoing.

  • Health Workers may discuss the patients’ health issues with his family members and provide them information about his/ her medications.

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