Health Information Technology Job Duties

By | August 29, 2013

Health Information Technology professionals (Health IT) look after the management of the health related information in an electronic system. Health care industry extensively use health IT professionals to store, retrieve, share and use health care information data and knowledge. This in turn generates superior health care facilities, avoids medical errors, decrease healthcare costs, increase administrative efficiency, decrease paperwork, saves time and expand access to affordable health care services. Various health information technology job duties are mentioned below.

Health Information Technology Job Duties:

  • A professional managing the health information technology of a healthcare organization is responsible for complete management of information and its secure processing among medical providers and patients.
  • Health IT professional requires organizing and maintaining medical record of patient information by ensuring its accuracy and accessibility in electronic system.
  • Health IT professional needs to maintain complete confidentiality of the patient’s medical information as a soft copy in the computerized system.
  • Health IT professional process patient admission and discharge forms through the computerized system.
  • Health IT professional needs to coordinate with doctors and health care workers to get required information about the patient during emergency situations and extract the accurate information from the computerized database.
  • Health IT professional needs to be proficient with medical coding. This help insurance companies and health care providers to work efficiently for reimbursement purpose.
  • Health IT professional requires tracking patient medical history via the computerized system to evaluate patient’s condition and case history details.
  • Health IT professional requires maintaining the billing system and monetary transactions of the health care organization.
  • Health IT professional requires handling the commercial tasks of managing schedules, organizing appointments and payroll of a hospital or doctor’s chamber.
  • Health IT professional is also concerned with taking care of patients and helping to save lives through clinical decision support systems and electronic prescribing of medication.

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