A health information technician is responsible for organizing and managing health-related information while making sure that quality and accuracy is maintained and that it is secure and only accessible to proper hospital personnel. They categorize patient information by using classification systems. This helps to maintain a patient’s medical history in the database, in case it might be of future use and it is also beneficial for insurance purposes. Given below are some of the basic health information technician job duties.

Health information Technician Job Duties

  • A health information technician makes sure that all medical records are secure and that record confidentiality is maintained.
  • A health information technician processes the admission of patients and as well as their documents during discharge.
  • A health information technician re-examines records to maintain accuracy and to make sure they are in accordance with the required regulations.
  • A health information technician brings together and oversees the medical records of patients. They make note of their conditions in the document and the treatment being provided for them to ensure that important data is maintained for future use.
  • A health information technician makes sure to follow strict laws and regulations when releasing patient information to family members or agencies.
  • A health information technician plans, maintains and manoeuvres indexes for health records and retrieve information using retrieval system to analyze it.
  • A health information technician interacts with the human resources department and monitors the work of clerical workers and various other department personnel.
  • A health information technician categorizes patients depending on diagnostic similarities using proper computer software.
  • A health information technician is accountable for contacting any discharged patient or their family to retrieve any necessary information.
  • A health information technician looks up necessary manuals to make themselves better-informed regarding disease diagnosis and treatment procedures.

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