Health Care Technician Job Duties

By | September 3, 2013

A Health Care Technician is someone who records and keeps track of patient health records for a hospital or medical organization. A health record is maintained for any patient that receives health care. A health care technician may have to perform a wide array of duties, from maintaining records to directly dealing with patients and conducting various diagnostic tests. Some of the responsibilities and health care technician job duties are explained as follows.

Health Care Technician Job Duties:

  • A Health Care Technician makes sure that all the required information pertaining to the health of a patient is entered into the proper database. This may include completing medical charts and performing proper analyses on patient’s health and entering them into the system.
  • A Health Care Technician interacts and communicates with the patients, teaching and befriending them and offering them counselling.
  • A Health Care Technician oversees a patient’s emotional behaviour and well-being and reports to the proper medical staff if he/she notices any sort of anomaly.
  • A Health Care Technician helps manic, violent and suicidal patients by reaching out to them using physical or verbal means.
  • A Health Care Technician comes up with strategies to promote the well-being and independence of their clients.
  • A Health Care Technician may be expected to help out in performing X-Rays or record a patient’s physical condition using medical instruments like blood pressure gauges or thermometers.
  • A Health Care Technician acts as a liaison between the doctor and the patient and communicates the physical and mental state of the patient, as well as his/her health chart statistics to the doctor when required.
  • A Health Care Technician performs data analysis to enhance patient care, cut down on expenses and compile and maintain reports requested by their employers.
  • A Health Care Technician also needs to handle word processors, enter data and manage databases.

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