Health Administrator Job Duties

By | December 3, 2010

Health Administrator Duties

A health administrator is a person engaged in management, administration and assisting healthcare units and hospitals. The administrator manages healthcare facilities in these units and assures health practices amongst the hospitals. They coordinate and supervise staff working in these hospitals and also see to it that the hospitals and healthcare units are running properly and that proper health are maintained. The healthcare or health administrator may belong to a hospital, healthcare unit, clinic or any organization related to providing health development facilities to the people.

Health Administrator Job Duties

  • Plan, supervise and coordinate healthcare facilities in the hospitals.
  • Analyze the working conditions of the different departments of the hospital.
  • Maintain effective professional working base of the institutions and units.
  • They recruit staff and personnel for the hospitals.
  • Arrange plans to develop the infrastructure of the units
  • Create medical research programs and facilities.
  • Arrange medical rehabilitation facilities for rehab patients.
  • Promote community health welfare activities among the societies.
  • Managed hospitals, community centers and assigned health managers to supervise their working.
  • Organized health sessions check up facilities for consulting patients.
  • Managed on the run health care facilities for outstation patients.
  • Managed staying facilities for the patients.
  • Launched emergency services for immediate response treatment.
  • Arranged training facilities for newly recruited health workers.
  • Interacted the patients for supervision of health checkups and also resolved heir queries.

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