Head Pharmacist Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Head Pharmacist Duties

Aside from a host of nurses working in the hospital, there are also some kind of pharmacists who work together in the hospital pharmacy to service patients and visitors. The staff in the pharmacy is supervised and coordinated by a head pharmacist. He is responsible in checking on the giving and selling of proscribes drugs for patients. The head pharmacist is generally in charge of all the activities and people in the pharmacy.

Head Pharmacist Job Duties

  • Ensure that medicine and prescriptions are advised to patients and their kin properly regarding the dosages, side-effects among other concerns
  • Ensure that safe, proper and cost-effective usage of medicines
  • Prepare a report on the activities and concerns of all the other pharmacists
  • Assign pharmacists to special tasks, changes in posts and changes in assignments or the performance of additional workload as the need arises
  • Evaluate other pharmacists’ performance and conduct the necessary interaction to improve service and performance
  • Ensure safety of any medicines to use by their patients
  • Knowledgeable in all necessary medications as replacement for other prescribed medications if necessary

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