Head Nurse Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Head Nurse Duties

Medical doctor’s hospital life would be very difficult without the nurses who make their career life easier by assisting them in the many complex duties and activities that doctors do. Nurses are also the ones who look after the patients until the doctor comes in to give the actual and necessary treatment. Nursing perform their duties similar to a doctor and are also almost on call 24/7. In hospitals, they may work double or sometimes triple shifts in cases of extreme emergencies. With all the nurses working in the hospitals, there are head nurses who perform other duties aside from the regular nurses.

Head Nurse Job Duties

  • Supervise and coordinate nursing activities in hospital units
  • Assign duties and coordinate nursing services
  • Evaluate nursing activities to ensure utmost patient care, good staff relations and efficiency in service
  • Observe nursing care and visit patients to ensure that nursing care is carried out as directed and treatment administered according to the physician’s advice and instructions
  • Work with the other heads in the department in other areas that matters on health care and facilitate in order to provide nursing assistance and staff when the need arises
  • Continue to research and enhance knowledge and skills with the latest in nursing care and services

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