Head Chef Job Duties

By | December 24, 2012

Head Chef Job Duties include preparing several cuisines as per the demand of the customers, guiding the chefs working under him to prepare various food items, deciding the presentation of food, supervising the kitchen staff on handling various kitchen related tasks, preparing the food menu, deciding the prices of various food items listed in the menu, setting standards for the food quality, ensuring safety while working in the kitchen, understanding the taste of the general public of the city and preparing food accordingly.

There are a number of other tasks that a head chef is required to handle. These are mentioned below in detail. One is required to attend a course in commercial cooking, food and nutrition or other related subjects at a culinary school and have a good amount of experience in order to get in to this position.

Head Chef Job Duties

  • Head Chef is required to supervise the kitchen staff on handling various big and small kitchen related tasks.
  • Head Chef is involved in the preparation of various cuisines as per the order placed by the customers.
  • Head Chef needs to guide the Sous chef and other chefs working under him to carry out the cooking tasks appropriately.
  • Head Chef is required to share food recipes with the other chefs and help them cook delicious food.
  • Head Chef needs to ensure that the food is prepared within the committed time and presented properly to the customers.
  • Head Chef is required to plan the food preparations in the kitchen. He is involved in preparing the food menu; different food menu for breakfast lunch and dinner may be decided by him.
  • Head Chef needs to evaluate the food preparations made by the other chefs and rate them accordingly.
  • Head Chef needs to ensure that the quality of food is maintained at all times.

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