Head Baker Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Head Baker Duties

Being the head of any group or organization comes along with a lot of responsibilities. The head baker is like the chief in the baking area or the entire bakery at times; thus he is the one who would call all the shots and should have the trust and respect of all under his care and authority. The head baker is like the supervisor of all the other bakers.

Head Baker Job Duties

  • Take charge of the over-all planning of and happening in each working day.
  • Assign responsible people to specific tasks, depending on their capabilities like:
    • purchasing of materials and ingredients
    • preparation of the baking utensils, equipment and ovens and stoves
    • preparation and fermentation of the dough
    • actual baking
    • display and marketing of the finished products
  • Train new bakers for the basics in baking bread
  • Train old bakers for new techniques, bread designs and innovations to make their products more productive and to increase their demand
  • Supervise all the process and activities going on in the baking area
  • Supervise the activities in the cooling and display area
  • Check and control the finances of the bakery by laying out targets and cutting down costs
  • Maintain the general atmosphere of the bakery conducive to baking and the bakers living and working harmoniously together.

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