Hardware Technician Job Duties

By | July 10, 2012

Hardware Technician Job Duties include installing, maintaining and repairing the computer hardware parts. A hardware technician works as a part of the technical team and acts as a support staff to ensure that the work of the other staff members from different departments is not interrupted due to any hardware related problem in the systems. It is recommended to pursue a degree in computer hardware technology if you are aspiring to get into this position.

The work requires good analytical skills and an eye for detail. Most of the employers prefer to have the candidates those who have the earlier experience in the field.

Hardware Technician Job Duties

  • Hardware Technician is required to install the computer hardware parts.
  • Hardware Technician needs to maintain the hardware parts of the computer and also repair them, if need arise.
  • Hardware Technician is involved in troubleshooting some of the software issues as well.
  • Hardware Technician needs to provide support to the other staff members in the organization by ensuring that the systems work appropriately.
  • Hardware Technician is always required to be there to rectify the hardware related issues of the staff members.
  • Hardware Technician is required to give information about the maintenance activities of the hardware parts to the staff members.
  • Hardware Technician needs to schedule the maintenance activities well in advance and share the schedule with the staff members so that they can also schedule their work accordingly and the work is not hampered due to these activities.
  • Hardware Technician needs to answer the queries related to the hardware issues.
  • Hardware Technician needs to maintain a record of the tasks done by him in a particular week/ month.
  • Hardware Technician requires going from system to system in order to resolve the hardware related issues arising because of different reasons. He may even provide assistance over the phone.
  • Hardware Technician is required to get to the root cause analysis of the hardware related issues and ensure that these are not repeated.

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