Head of Hardware Engineering – Consumer Electronics Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Head of Hardware Engineering – Consumer Electronics Duties

Being the Head of Hardware Engineering your’s most important tasks will be designing, integrating, as well as testing devices that meets up the conditions for wireless end-user electronic products, along with electrical fixtures. Apart from this managing the project timeline is also necessary at your position. You should always provide support to the integration of system components.

Job Duties of Head of Hardware Engineering – Consumer Electronics

  • Your job will be to define product hardware architecture and system level designs.
  • You will have to design a complete solution in collaboration with the software and data analytics engineering teams.
  • As the Head of Hardware Engineering your duty would be to hire and develop a world class consumer hardware team of engineers.
  • You need to coordinate between the supply chain and manufacturing process to deliver the products through high capacity manufacturing processes.
  • Being the Head of your department you will have to motivate the other team members to adapt new technologies.
  • Creating a fast paced work environment, to achieve target of the company.
  • Providing cost comparison and proposals to ensure the effective Product
  • Distribution circumstances for decision making.
  • It is your task to develop and keep hold of product requirements along with specifications.

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