Haemodialysis Nurse Job Duties

By | June 27, 2013

A haemodialysis nurse is registered nurse who specialises in taking special care of those patients who are undergoing the treatment of dialysis. Haemodialysis is a procedure which is resorted to save the patients who have severe kidney problems, diseases and disorders.

The dialysis nurses fall under a special category of nursing. Discussed below are few important tasks that form part of a haemodialysis nurse’s job duties. A candidate must have at least a bachelor’s degree or hold a job certification to qualify for this job.

Sample Haemodialysis Nurse Job Duties

  • A haemodialysis nurse needs to look after patients who require dialysis treatment, primarily because of kidney failure.
  • The candidate must have good experience and knowledge in using the technical equipment for medical purpose used for dialysis.
  • The candidate must assist the patient right and monitor when the treatment is on, keeping a close watch on the patient by observing the readings of the equipment.
  • She must also educate the patient and take good care of the patient after the operation is done. She must look after the fluids balance in the patient’s body and care for them on a daily basis.
  • She must verify and keep a check that the patient is on the right and prescribed medication as prescribed by the physician or the nephrologists.
  • She should also report to the concerned doctor about the patient’s progress and inform him on a daily basis about the patient’s recovery growth.
  • She also needs to counsel and instruct the patient’s family and the patient himself on what dialysis is and the care that needs to be taken.
  • She must also scrutinize how the patient is reacting to a particular treatment.
  • She must ensure that the patient feels comfortable during the dialysis procedure.
  • She must also work closely with the rest of the medical team or staff to ensure the patient’s safety while undergoing the dialysis.

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