Guidance Counselor Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Guidance counsellor job duties include listening to the issues of the students or other people depending upon where they are working and providing them guidance on how to handle their problems. They give advice to people on how to tackle various situations. It is essential to have a relevant degree in order to get into this position.

Many Guidance counsellors choose to also work in schools. One of the education requirements for this position include a masters for teachers, giving them both a teaching background along with counseling.

Guidance Counsellor Job Duties

  • Guidance Counsellors prepare counselling programs for their clients or patients.
  • Guidance Counsellors implement the counselling programs designed by them.
  • Guidance Counsellors offer group counselling as well as individual counselling services.
  • Guidance Counsellors mostly work in schools and provide counselling services to students.
  • Guidance Counsellors provide advice and guidance to their clients or patients after understanding their issues.
  • Guidance Counsellors assess their patients and the level of problems they are undergoing and provide them solutions accordingly.
  • Guidance Counsellors working for schools also provide inputs while the curriculum is being designed.
  • Guidance Counsellors do not just speak to the students to provide them counselling but also discuss the students’ issues with their parents to give them advice on how to handle their children.
  • Guidance Counsellors also discuss the students’ issues with their teachers and tell them how to deal with the students undergoing distress or any other problem.
  • Guidance Counsellors design motivational programs for those in distress and guide them how to stay motivated even amidst all problems.
  • Guidance Counsellors keep a track of the patients or clients they have counselled.
  • Guidance Counsellors may even prescribe medicines to their clients or patients.

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