Guidance and Counselor Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Guidance and Counselor Duties

A guidance counselor is an employee of the school who works with students primarily while dealing with other school staff. A guidance counselor is basically for students who show unusual, disturbed or inexplicable behavior or attitude with peers, teachers or other school personnel. He is the one who deals with problem, troublesome and misbehaving children as well as those who display attitudes of arrogance or disrespect to others in general. He may be working with teachers and school administrators or with the parents of the students to thresh out the problem and bring about students with sound body and mind.

Guidance and Counselor Job Duties

  • Complete assessments and necessary counseling with their students and even their families as necessary
  • Proper implementation with all the school programs
  • Complete home visits and assessments
  • Develop and maintain outreach program and community partnerships
  • Complete written reports as needed or requested by the school
  • Provide in the better service to students in the class
  • Conduct development activities on identifying at-risk students
  • Help students get over addictions and ensure they stay clean, as addictions of various kinds are very rampant in today‚Äôs world
  • Available at all times for better assistance for many students within school vicinity

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