Groundman Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Groundman Duties

The job duties of a groundman are manifold. He is needed in the word process involved with installation, operation and maintenance of any electrical or transmission system. The line trucks are driven and operated by him. He will also have to operate the auxiliary equipment. He will also have to do any incidental work that may come up in the way of the daily operations.

Job Duties of a Groundman

  • His major job duty will be to operate the machines and the equipments.
  • He will have to operate the pickup trucks, material trucks, service trucks, hand tools, ladders, small hand tools, test instruments, lifting devices, bucket trucks, vacuum pumps.
  • The groundman will be ready to adjust to the variations in the workload. It may vary from moderate to extremely strenuous with peak periods of activity during outages.
  • He must have a close attention to detail on a continual basis.
  • He is required to do lifting, climbing, shoveling, pulling, stooping and unusual physical positions: i.e., working in elevated positions with body belts and using both hands even though the position may be abnormal.
  • It will be his duty to perform duties in accordance with the company’s safety rules, regulations and practices, and report unsafe conditions and practices. He must become familiar with the use and care of insulating rubber gloves, sleeves, and other personal protective equipment.

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