Government Officials Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Government Officials Duties

A government official holds position in the public service. This position allows functioning in the government organization and joining in the exercise of authority. He can be a government official through elections, appointment, selection or employment and has authority and duties according to what his position might entail since government service is such a wide and deep range of service.

Government Officials Job Duties

  • Assist in the development of council policies and procedures
  • Make sure that policies and procedures¬† are put into practice and action
  • Make sure that local services are delivered and rendered to the public efficiently
  • Be in contact with other officials, administrators and specialists in other departments or offices for coordination and mutual assistance system
  • Coordinate the implementation of decisions and circulate reports to those affected
  • Coordinate communication strategies like publications and departmental web sites
  • Arrange and service meetings
  • Coordinate departmental or corporate plans
  • Provide information, advice and guidance on policy and performance
  • Supervise and manage staff
  • Manage budget and funding
  • Provide support and strategic steer to the management team relevant to specific area or concern
  • Serve with utmost efficiency, honor and dignity

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