Government Contractor Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Government Contractor Job Duties include planning and drafting proposals for different government contracts. He is required to be very careful while drafting the contract; as it should be prepared as per the government policy and procedure. A candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in contract management in order to get into this position.

Government Contractor Job Duties

  • A Government Contractor needs to draft plans and proposals for government contracts.
  • He/ She is given some amount to prepare contracts and is required to prepare the contract within the amount allocated to him/ her.
  • He/ She is required to negotiate the deals and finalize them.
  • A Government Contractor needs to see if any amendments are required in the contract, discuss the same with the client and have the changes made.
  • He/ She needs to assess the performance of a contractor.
  • A Government Contractor might be required to renegotiate the contracts. They may extend them or make other negotiations.
  • He/ She is required to work in close association with contract administrator.
  • A Government Contractor seeks suggestions from contract administrator in order to carry out several tasks.
  • He/ She is required to carry out research on the government contracts set earlier and take help and ideas from them while preparing a new contract.
  • A Government Contractor is required to adhere to government rules and regulations while preparing contracts.
  • He/ She is required to understand the terms and conditions of the government contracts before working on it.
  • A Government Contractor may be required to consult a legal advisor at the time of undertaking a contract.


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