Glazier Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

A Glazier is involved in installing glasses in windows, store fronts, skylights and various display cases or on any surfaces such as the building fronts, interior walls, tabletops and the ceilings. He acts as one of the team member in the construction and architecture projects and works in accordance with the architect or the engineer.

Glazier Job Duties

  • A Glazier is required to understand his client’s requirement and cut the mounting strips accordingly.
  • He needs to use wooden mouldings or metal clips in order to cut the mounting strips. He may also use rubber gaskets for the same.
  • A Glazier is also required to fix these mounting strips to the surface.
  • He is required to place the mirrors appropriately with the help of mastic cement or putty. Bolts and screws may also be used to install the mirrors.
  • He needs to give proper shape to the mirror as per the clients requirement before installing it.
  • A Glazier needs to fit the mirror appropriately in the frames choosen by the clients.
  • He is required to repair glasses or replace them with new ones.
  • A Glazier may even be involved in cutting and fitting plastic and aluminum which are used as a substitute for glass.
  • He is expected to figure out the plumb in ceilings and walls with the help of plumb lines.
  • He is required to grind the glasses and polish them in order to enhance their beauty.
  • A Glacier needs to use glazing compound to fill the gap between the glass and moldings.

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