GIS Coordinator Job Duties

By | March 18, 2014

A GIS Coordinator uses the GIS (Geographic Information System) technology for a specific company or location.

He may have to work with multiple aspects of the GIS software application and deal with the financial or technical aspects. He/She has to implement the tasks depending on the results of the GIS surveys. GIS Coordinator also has to make use of the fundamentals of geography before making proper plans. Major GIS Coordinator job duties are discussed below.

GIS Coordinator Job Duties

  • A GIS Coordinator is required to analyze and program complex and specialized GIS spatial applications.
  • A GIS Coordinator conducts studies and prepares reports for management, related to the operation and activities of the Department’s GIS Unit.
  • He has to coordinate the input of GIS data and dissemination of cartographic map output.
  • A GIS coordinator performs the spatial analysis that may include network modeling, advanced data layer merging and use of map algebra and spatial database.
  • A GIS Coordinator develops long-range plans, goals, objectives, and priorities to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • A GIS coordinator has to conduct the needs assessment including equipment, software, hardware, etc to determine current the respective needs.
  • A GIS coordinator coordinates the various special reports and other graphics presentation in support of the GIS system to the concerned department employees and outside vendors.
  • A GIS Coordinator has to regularly support the subordinate staff to provide direction and feedback regarding their day-to-day function and progress so that they specialize in their tasks.
  • A GIS Coordinator also interacts with the public and vendors and management regarding administration and the use of GIS projects and data.
  • A GIS Coordinator has to ensure that all the projects are implemented on time, are progressing smoothly and are completed on time. He has to immediately handle any failures of the project and set it right.
  • He also has to remain updated with the latest updates of the GIS system through Internet or by studying various books and other sources.

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