Geotechnical Engineer Job Duties

By | October 6, 2014

A Geotechnical Engineer is a professional who plans, designs and inspects the design as well as the structure of roads, canals, embankments, buildings and other construction projects. He/she is responsible for handling or dealing with geological issues or hazards such as soil erosion and landslides. These people have the knowledge of rock formation, soil, underground water and structural conditions and use this knowledge to perform the various duties associated with this field of work. Geotechnical engineers can work in a number of engineering related fields such as structural engineering, ocean engineering, petroleum engineering, material science and others and may be responsible for different work duties depending upon exact field of employment. But on a more general level, the basic job duties of a geotechnical engineer remain the same and are given as follows:

Geotechnical Engineer Job Duties  

  • Geotechnical Engineers are required to conduct subsurface investigations by collecting soil samples, test pits and do other such works.
  • Another duty is to analyze the soil samples and determine the stress bearing capacity of a particular piece of land or area.
  • Another duty is to conduct field tests and analyze the fact that geological conditions like soil erosion, slope and settlement can cause troubles to a project in the future or not.
  • A geotechnical engineer must perform computer analysis using dedicated software and find out the suitability or feasibility of a future construction project at the site.
  • To meet clients and understand their requirements about evaluations of project progress is another duty of a geotechnical engineer.
  • To take care of budget and time constraints while working on a project is also a duty.
  • To work on the field as well as in the lab to come out with conclusions of samples and findings is also a duty.
  • Assist on the development of earthworks to find suitable conditions of the site.

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