Geologist Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

A Geologist is involved in sharing information about geological findings by way of writing the research papers, discussing about it seminars and conferences. They also conduct special sessions on Geological Science at the universities and institutes. On must have a degree in Geological Science and possess thorough knowledge about the subject in order to get into this position.

Geologist Job Duties

  • Geologists provide information related to geological findings
  • They utilize instruments such as gravimeters, seismographs, magnetometers, etc for measuring earth’s gravity and magnetic fields
  • They need to conduct tests on the industrial diamonds, abrasives and soil to know the geological characteristics with the use of optical x-ray. Various other precision instruments are also used to find out these characteristics
  • They need to figure out the deposits of the building materials and check the quality of this material and how suitable it is for use
  • They need to plan and develop applied software to analyze and interpret the geological data
  • Geologists read and understand geochemical information from different sources like the survey data, aerial photos, etc
  • They read and understand the geophysical information from various sources
  • Geologists carry out geological, geophysical and geochemical surveys; collect their samples to conduct tests
  • Geologists examine the composition and construction of the Earth’s crust by collecting minerals, soils and remains of fossils
  • They prepare geological maps and reports related to mineral extraction, usage of land, resource management, etc
  • They make an estimate of the mineral ore deposits, natural gas, oil and the water resources lying under the earth’s surface by using aerial photographs, survey feedbacks, charts, etc

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