General Manager Job Duties

By | August 23, 2013

A general manager is a vital member of a company’s hierarchy and is responsible for monitoring the entire company’s operations or a particular department or set of departments. General Managers have to ensure that company goals are achieved within set timelines by effectively managing the resources and personnel. An effective general manages possesses good leadership, communication, multi-tasking and organisational skills.

The general manager job duties generally depend on the type of company they are working for. Some of the basic functions and responsibilities of a general manager are:

General Manager Job Duties:

  • A general manager provides vision and leadership for the organization by supporting the staff and board members with developing long term annual plans, evaluating said plans and keeping them informed of the progress on such plans.
  • They are to make sure that an annual report is prepared which sums up the progress on long and short term plans.
  • They are to research and prepare written documents and analysis which are to help the organization achieve its long term goals.
  • A general manager has to oversee the contracting and recruitment of employees for company projects.
  • They have to provide training for sufficient skills development of employees.
  • They have to make sure good interpersonal relationships are maintained between employees working on a project.
  • A general manager oversees performance management and recommends various improvements based on his evaluations.
  • Attend meetings with Board of Directors to make sure that communication is maintained between all sections of a company hierarchy during the development of a project.
  • General Manager acts as a liaison with the Production Manager to supervise hiring and delivering of any technical equipment required for projects.
  • A general manager oversees and manages advertising opportunities at various venues and media outlets.
  • They also manage the availability of the required company staff and personnel for PR events.
  • A general manager seeks out and interacts with future prospective promoters and supporters of the company.
  • A general manager makes the necessary recommendations regarding investment and monetary strategies.
  • They prepare the variance statements and the annual budget.
  • They oversee that the financial health of the company is being maintained and that the projects are generating the necessary revenue.
  • They make recommendations regarding utilization of short and long term debts.
  • A general manager also supervises fundraising efforts. 

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