General Contractor Job Duties

By | August 30, 2012

General Contractor Job Duties include planning the construction projects and working towards implementing various plans related to it. These professionals need to instruct the team handling the construction tasks to carry out the assigned tasks efficiently. General contractor is also required to review the work done by the construction team, guide them on performing different tasks, dealing with the clients, understanding their requirements, etc.

One requires having a good knowledge about the construction field and also a number of years of relevant work experience in order to get into this position.

General Contractor Job Duties

  • General Contractor is required to deal with the clients and understand their construction requirement.
  • General Contractor needs to provide information about the construction rates being charged for different kinds of projects.
  • General Contractor needs to negotiate deals with the clients.
  • General Contractor is required to understand the client’s budget and plan the construction project accordingly.
  • General Contractor is required to work in association with the construction manager, project head and other senior officials involved in handling the construction project.
  • General Contractor needs to see to it that the project is planned as per the client’s requirement.
  • General Contractor is required to take the client’s approval on various construction plans.
  • General Contractor needs to sign the construction contract with the client after understanding all the terms and conditions properly.
  • General Contractor is required to meet the project engineers and discuss the client’s requirement with them.
  • General Contractor is required to ensure that all the legal formalities related to the construction work are completed on time.
  • General Contractor needs to ensure that all the documentation and paper work is complete.
  • General Contractor is required to ensure that the work goes on as per the set construction processes and procedures.
  • General Contractor needs to handle the issues being faced at the construction sites.

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