General Administration Job Duties

By | May 26, 2014

General administration is a very broad term which includes number of tasks, duties and responsibilities. The general administration duties however are circled around the day to day and general administrative tasks. These tasks are found to be similar across all businesses and entities.

The individual appointed at the position of the administrator is thus assigned number of different duties which he/ she must fulfil with finesse and competence. The duties may seem small but all of them are integral for the smooth functioning of the entire office. To get to the importance of the position a few of the duties to be met are written below.

General Administration Job Duties

  • It comes under the duties of the general administrator to manage all the documents, letters and memos etc. related to the office communication. It is one of the features integral to proper communication.
  • The general administrator has a duty towards all of his/ her superiors to gather any sort of information they may need for office operations.
  • Preparing all the diaries, appointment books, schedules and itineraries and keeping them up to date with the office day to day operations is also the duty of the general administrator.
  • Whenever the office records need to be accessed or updated, the administrator has a duty to follow up on it.
  • Some of the administrators may be required to carry on the orientation of any new employees coming in the division.
  • One other duty for the administrator to fulfil includes taking minutes for any meetings or conferences as required by the officials.
  • It is also the duty of the administration person to take care of the guests and clients at the office facility. He/ she may also have to attend to calls of clients and solve their queries.

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