Game Programmer Job Duties

By | January 14, 2014

Game programmer is in charge of designing new computer games which could attract the attention of the game lovers. The candidate manages the entire game designing process by defining the rules of the games, developing the story and characters involved in any game, the game settings, other aids used in a game like vehicles and weapons and the various modes in which the game can be played.

The game programmer must have a deep understanding about the gaming industry. Apart from the technical know-how they must also have creativity and strong imagination power so that they can design the fascinating games which could attract the gaming fans. Various game programmer job duties are mentioned below.

Game Programmer Job Duties

  • A game programmer must be able to convince his team to design a specific game by explaining the key features of his game.
  • The programmer must be able to work in coordination with other team members like animator, artists, audio engineers and producers.  With the help of all these professionals, the vision of any game can be turned into reality.
  • The candidate has to provide the basic script for the game design as a blue print in the initial conceptualization stage.
  • Subsequent to the script the game developer is required to provide the animation effects in order to assess its first look and appearance for review of the entire game development team.
  • Next duty of the game developer is to provide the audio effects, music and all necessary sound effects at the testing stage.
  • Provide the game programming code and language in a documented format to the game development team for undertaking all necessary changes in the game at the development and testing stages.
  • Test the game for any bugs and errors and rectify them immediately before taking the game development to next stage.
  • Providing problem resolution at every stage of game development by properly offering opinion on game development to other members of the team.

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