Front Office Manager Job Duties

By | December 26, 2013

A front office manager is one who is responsible for managing all the customer queries and incoming calls in the office. The front office manager job duties begin with creating a good impression about the organisation. They must be polite and humble along with patient and straight forward. This profile demands a complete understanding about the structural arrangement about the office and front office manager must also know the details about all the departments and individuals working in that office.

The job involves offering a warm welcome to the visitors and the candidate must be well trained in customer management skills. The list of the various front office manager job duties are mentioned below:

Front Office Manager Job Duties

  • Front office manager is responsible for managing all the incoming calls in the office along with managing the visitors and their queries.
  • The front office manager is also responsible for managing all the routine activities in the organization and ensures smooth work flow.
  • Assigning work responsibilities to all the front office staff on a daily basis is the duty of the front office manager.
  • The candidate also has to keep track of all the issues that are faced by the front office staff and resolve them within the shortest possible time.
  • They must coordinate between various employees for offering customer services.
  • The candidate is also responsible for providing proper information and training to the front office staff and help them perform their duties properly.
  • They must be able to handle the customers even when they are angry and at the furious mood.
  • They may have to train the new recruits in the organisation.
  • The sales strategies and other promotional schemes have to be implemented and explained by them to the customers.

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