Franchise Consultant Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Franchise Consultant Duties

Franchise consultant is one of the most specialized categories and has become the most popular due to the portability and awareness of franchising. They basically give advice to the companies, entrepreneurs and investors and help them to select the most appropriate franchiser in order to make investments. They normally act as agents for various franchises.

Job duties of Franchise consultant

  • The major job of the franchise consultant is to make a perfect link between companies and franchises community.
  • Their main responsibility is to offer the essential support to the franchisees that will help them to manage their supplies better and place earnings.
  • Their job is to make sure that franchises are according to the agreement based on operational compliances.
  • They need to make suggestion by making regular visits to their stores.
  • Examine and check the store profitability, operational procedures and costs and make sure that all the rules are followed completely.
  • They must be capable of suggesting solutions for the problems.
  • Identify all the sales opportunities and implements measures so that the franchises can achieve a result.
  • They also help various franchises to train their employees working on the stores.
  • Their major duty is to make and record all the correspondence with the franchises.

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