Forestry Technician Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Forestry Technician Duties

The major job of a Forestry Technician is to supervise and participate in the technical forestry work. It is also the duty of the Forestry Technician to supervise and take part in the construction, operation, and preservation of forestry facilities and equipment. With the preservation of forests becoming more of a global issue, the job of a forestry technician is gaining more importance in today’s world.

Job Duties of a Forestry  Technician

  • It is also the job duty of the forestry technician to assist in instructing students and subordinate technical personnel in forestry research methods, techniques, and interpretation of results through informal methods and demonstrations.
  • His important job duty is to assist in the development and implementation of instructional and research materials.
  • He will also have to assist in the design and implementation of data collection methodology to support research and teaching prefects and various land-use programs. Based on his reports, the use of a particular land for a particular purpose can be decided on.
  • He will have to supervise the supplies and the equipment inventories and subsequently, maintain proper, appropriate records.
  • If a forest fire breaks out, it is the role of the technicians to usually operate fire-fighting equipment or supervise crews of volunteer firefighters.

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