Forensic Chemist Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

Forensic Chemist  Duties

As a forensic chemist you will be responsible to analyze the evidence that is brought in from the places of crime which will help to reach an authentic conclusion which will be based on tests performed on that evidence. You must identify and describe the evidence as part of the larger practice of solving a crime.

Job Duties of Forensic Chemist

  • Since you have a background in biochemistry, hence you need to perform toxicology tests on bodily fluids like semen and blood and also on the body tissues. These tests are necessary to find substances like drugs or poisons, in a person’s body.
  • If you are involved in drunken-driving case then you will have to test the machines which are used to assess blood alcohol levels and show about how these devices function.
  • You must communicate with the supervisors, police men, other city employees, lawyers, and the general public, to evaluate the evidence for investigating crimes, and get prepared for the court.
  • Another important task also involves analyzing fingerprints that has to be performed by a Forensic Chemist to prove that a suspect was nearby at the place of a crime. Forensic scientists scrutinize fingerprints that have been taken from different evidence.

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