Food Server Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Food Server Job Duties include serving the customers with food and beverages. It is essential for a food server to have good communication skills and a pleasing personality. A food server must also possess knowledge about various food items and beverages in order to serve the customers appropriately. Most restaurants and eating joints provide a formal training after hiring the food server.

Food Server Job Duties

  • Food Server needs to serve food and beverages to the customers.
  • Food Server needs to take order from the guests who arrive at their restaurant or eating joints and provide them the order.
  • Food Server is expected to ensure that the guests are served quality food.
  • Food Server needs to supervise and coordinate with the housekeeping staff in setting up the dining table as well as chairs for the guests.
  • Food Server is required to give suggests on which silver or china is to be used in the restaurant.
  • Food Server needs may even give suggestions on setting up the dance floor.
  • Food Server is required to serve water to the guests as they arrive and request them to place the order.
  • Food Server is required to clear table using appropriate techniques for removing the dishes and other items.
  • Food Server must ensure that the customers are satisfied with the service provided to them.
  • Food Server needs to ensure that personal attention is given to each guest who arrives at the restaurant.
  • Food Server coordinates with other staff members in order to accomplish his tasks efficiently.
  • Food Server needs to carry out tasks as per the restaurant/ hotel standards.

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