Floor Manager Job Duties

By | November 4, 2013

Floor manager job duties involve supervising the business, promoting the sales apart from improving the overall marketing of a retail unit. The floor manager is expected to supervise the cash handling activities undertaken by the staff. They are required to possess strong organizational and marketing skills.

They should hold a degree in marketing or business development. The floor manager has to have vast knowledge on the respective brands or materials, to promote the products. Few duties of floor manager are listed here.

Floor Manager Job Duties

  • Should first be warm and approachable and help the customers and promote the product.
  • Has to interact with the customers find out their needs and guide them to some of the best products of the company.
  • Should be capable of negotiating the prices, and close a deal with win- win situation.
  • Track the movement of the products, close the deliveries, and follow up with the providers and vendors.
  • Exploring new methods to improve sales and identify some of the key points that can be improved.
  • Hold training sessions focusing on the growth and reach of the business and share knowledge with everyone around.
  • Take part in promotional activities, and providing tips for promotions by providing correct input for banners or posters.
  • Should possess exceptional creativity, to arrange the display and attract sales.
  • Need to manage the stocks and inventories. Identifying the material or product which is in high demand, and ordering the new stocks based on their sales percentage.
  • Supervise the floor work which will include cleaning, clearing old stocks, arranging the products or materials and changing the interiors of the floor.
  • Required to train new people and supervise their activities.
  • Take part in recruitment process, by identifying suitable candidates for the business.
  • Delegate work according to the persons strengths and allotting jobs to everyone accordingly.

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