Floor Director Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Floor Director Duties

With all the many and varied activities happening while a show is going on, have you ever asked who keeps everything in place? Well, that is the gigantic work of a floor director. The floor director calls the shots for all the talents and other production staff on and around the main stage of the show or of the set of the film. The floor director assist the overall director of the show or film by doing various tasks assigned to him. You might be surprised at how the floor director manages to do all things altogether and all around!

Floor Director Job Duties

  • Ensure that sets, props and technical equipment are safe and ready to use before the production starts
  • Communicate with the talents and give them final instructions and advice
  • Communicate with the audience and any guests and assist them
  • Have knowledge on lighting circuitry and filament replacement and the position of the cameras
  • Seat the audience and manage them to behave in an orderly manner so as not to affect or disturb the production and explain some safety requirements and what is actually going on during the program or production
  • Maintain a lively and enthusiastic sight for everyone to see and imitate

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