Flight Stewardess Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Flight Stewardess Duties

The beautiful and friendly faces you can see upon boarding the plane as those of the flight stewardesses’. They attend immediately to the needs of each and every passenger while inside the plane and need to keep everyone comfortable as possible that they can be in order to assure enjoyment while in travel.

Flight Stewardess Job Duties

  • Prior to the flight
    • Check weather conditions
    • Check  equipment like light torches and life vests and firefighting equipment on board
    • Monitor cabins for unusual situations or cases for better comfort
    • Give assistance while loading of and monitoring while they carry-on-baggage
  • On flight
    • Serving food and their needed soda for their passengers
    • Periodically do checking for their cabin and be attentive to any unnecessary noise or situations
    • Check the smoke detectors at lavatory area for better safety at all time
    • Ensure supplies availability
    • Always available to the needs of its passengers at all times
  • Upon landing
    • Remain stationed at exits
    • Proper monitoring of passengers upon landing
    • Give assistance to the needs of its passengers at all times

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