Flight Engineer Job Duties

By | October 15, 2013

A flight engineer’s job duties revolve around inspection of flight condition, check for fuel before the flight is ready for takeoff and other technical aspects. He should be holding a degree in aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering and diploma in aerospace. He has to check for the fuel leakages, engine functionalities, quality of the tiers, etc. Given below are some of the fight engineer job duties that help understand the role in a better way.

Flight Engineer Job Duties

  • Inspection of the plane, before the takeoff.
  • Attending the fuel filling, leakages, mechanical faults, and checking the engine for its function, at the ground as well as during the flight.
  • Allocating the repair work to the mechanics, accordingly to their skill set. Selecting the right person to attend the faults.
  • Check the instruments in the autopilot system and assist the pilot and co pilot on the operation if required.
  • Should be reviewing the weather patterns and the course of the flight to determine the fuel consumptions and the requirement.
  • Has to help the pilot, in repairing any faulty instruments during the flight, such as fuel gauges, control loops, signals, pressure gauges etc.
  • Has to generate a report after every flight detailing the nature and course of the flight, and has to maintain record of the reports.
  • Should be applying the aircraft weight, performances, and balance reports.
  • Regulates the aircraft navigation system, hydraulics and ventilation etc before the flight.
  • Administer the activities of fellow flight engineers, and allot them work according to their efficiency.
  • Take part in the programs that will benefit the department in improving the efficiency and reducing technical problems during the flight.
  • Maintain the statistics and take appropriate measures to improve the overall efficiency and quality by presenting the data to higher officials, as well as educating the peers.

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