Flight Attendant Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

A flight attendant is a person who is hired by the airlines and is required to take care of the passengers and look after the safety regulations of an aircraft or airplane. They are required to check and ensure that the passengers are comfortable in the flight and all their needs are looked into. A person wishing to apply for this job position must have a high school diploma or a college degree in the least in addition to a training course taken in flight attending.

Flight Attendant Job Duties:

  • The primary job duty of a flight attendant is to look into the coordination of the flight and ensure that all safety measures are taken before the takeoff of the flight.
  • A flight attendant must make sure that all kinds of first aid kits and other emergency equipments are on board a flight before its takeoff.
  • He must assess whether or not all food and other supplies are on board and if not, then he must make sure that every required supply is available.
  • He must greet the passengers and help them with their seats and cabin bags.
  • A flight attendant must be active during the flight and be ready to help any passenger in need.
  • He must direct passengers to evacuate the plane in case of an emergency landing and keep the passengers, especially ladies and kids calm in such a situation.
  • He must distribute beverages, food, blankets, pillows etc to the passengers during the flight.

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