Fleet Manager Job Duties

By | November 1, 2013

Fleet manager job duties involve managing the operations and maintenance of the fleet. The fleet manager is responsible for the entire administrative activities that are involved in the fleet company. Some of the other activities that are fleet manager is required to undertake are preparation of annual budget, supervision of fleet leasing and maintenance, supervision of replacement of fleet accessories and parts, undertaking insurance of fleet etc.

As the role of a fleet manager is that of supervisory nature many organizations prefer a candidate with good work experience and educational background in the management field.

Fleet Manager Job Duties

  • Maintain record and supervise the vehicles conditions and service them on regular basis.
  • Has to focus on achieving profitability by managing the key requirements effectively, such as operating cost and fuel cost.
  • Coordinate with the vehicle booking and the service departments for allocating good vehicle.
  • Should have track of the vehicles that are allotted and that require service, delegate accordingly.
  • Should target right customers and improve the business.’
  • Has to possess sound knowledge about the government rules and guidelines on the fleet operation service and see that all the operations are following the rules.
  • Has to maintain smooth operations by placing efficient operators who are aware about the locations and organizations process.
  • Has to manage the financial aspects like supervising the accounts on regular basis, and check the maintenance cost of the vehicles.
  • Prepare annual budgets which will highlight the operational and maintenance cost of the financial year and also the forecast for the next year.
  • Have to purchase or lease the vehicles, based on the demand, and their maintenance cost and frequencies.
  • Recruit a team of people who handle the respective roles very effectively and supervise them.
  • Come up with improvements and changes in the operational programs and keep the employees in loop.

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