Fitness Instructor Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Fitness Instructor Job Duties include providing fitness lessons to his clients. It is essential for a fitness instructor to have knowledge about different exercises that suit different people based on their physical structure. Most fitness instructors train both men and women while some may be specialized in giving fitness instructions to either men or women. It is essential to undergo a relevant course if you are aspiring to get into this position. Having some work experience in this field helps in grabbing a good job opportunity as a fitness instructor.

Fitness Instructor Job Duties

  • Fitness Instructor is required to teach exercises to different individuals based on their physical structure.
  • Fitness Instructor needs to may teach exercises and other fitness activities in groups or to individuals.
  • Fitness Instructor needs to segregate the individuals who intend to lose weight and those who wish to maintain their weight and help them with different exercises accordingly.
  • Fitness Instructor needs to have a thorough knowledge about human anatomy and physiology and apply it while giving fitness lessons to their clients.
  • Fitness Instructor is required to assess the new clients’ physical stamina and plan his fitness program accordingly.
  • Fitness Instructor is required to prepare different fitness programs for different groups of people.
  • Fitness Instructor is even required to suggest diet plans to his clients. He may prepare a diet chart for them which they would be required to follow.
  • Fitness Instructor directs the fitness programs for individuals as well as groups.
  • Fitness Instructor is required to teach his clients about the use of various equipments used for exercising.
  • Fitness Instructor needs to ensure that his clients do not make use of any improper technique or posture while exercising.
  • Fitness Instructor is required to ensure the maintenance of the fitness equipments.
  • Fitness Instructor needs to keep a record of the individuals who take fitness lessons from him.

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