Financial Officer Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Financial Officer Job Duties include preparing financial statements, keeping a check on the cash flows, preparing financial reports and various other tasks related to finance. A Financial Officer is responsible for managing the company’s finances and is expected to have an analytical approach. One must have a degree in Finance in order to get into this position.

Financial Officer Job Duties

  • Financial Officers work on preparing financial statements and balance sheets of the company.
  • They need to plan and maintain cash controls.
  • Financial Officers are involved in the preparation of payroll administration.
  • They are responsible for handling the financial operations of the company, mostly under the supervision of the finance manager.
  • Financial Officers must adhere to the company policy and procedures while carrying out various tasks.
  • They are required to monitor financial processes and suggest improvisations in the same.
  • Financial Officers are required to maintain a record of the various financial transactions made by the company.
  • They need to provide inputs during the preparation of company’s budget.
  • Financial Officers keep a record of the cash flows.
  • They need to validate the supplier invoices and process them.
  • They also need to document the details of various transactions made with the suppliers.
  • Financial Officers may be required to work on different accounting software systems.
  • They need to work upon reducing the company’s cost on various things.
  • Their approval or at least intervention may be required while ordering new inventory for the office.
  • Financial Officers assist the Human Resource department in preparing the salary structures of employees.


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