Financial Analyst Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Financial Analyst Duties

As a Financial Analyst your job responsibilities will be to perform in depth cost and financial analysis. Your chief goal will be development and interpretations of detailed cost accounting information and making recommendations concerning the effective utilization of resources and the accurate accounting for transactions. It is also necessary to solve the serious technical matters by offering sound advice consistently.

Job Duties of Financial Analyst

  • Performing particular tasks related to rate development, including identifying cost centers and their related expenses, and calculating recovery rates (e.g., recharge, indirect cost); prepares related reports.
  • Providing technical assistance in the design of cost accounting or reporting systems and related forms and documents.
  • Preparing reports relevant to their research, study and proposals over investments.
  • Providing assistance with the provision of counseling services to departments with regard to billing rates update and interpretation of cost accounting data.
  • Being the Financial Analyst you should provide specialized financial or cost analysis including the cash-flow analysis, “what-if” analysis etc. Beside this you will have to prepare concerning reports like pro-forma financial statements.
  • Assists in reviews of financial and internal controls to determine whether such controls are adequate to meet management objectives and ensure the safeguarding of assets; recommends and implements security and system control procedures.
  • Interacting with the employees at all stages to evaluate policies, work measures and operational procedures.

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