Financial Aid Assistant Job Duties

By | December 17, 2013

A financial aid assistant is one who works in a college, university or educational institute. The primary role of a financial aid assistant is to process the financial aid applications of students who are pursuing a course from the educational institution. This position is of clerical work in nature and the candidate is expected to possess good administrative and office management skills to obtain good job opportunities. Various financial aid assistant job duties are mentioned below:

Financial Aid Assistant Job Duties

  • Process and complete financial aid applications and loan applications of students including any other related forms.
  • Explain the various procedures that govern the student financial aid and assist in filling forms and submission of necessary documents.
  • Supervise the other clerical staff in the educational institution for proper processing of forms and student applications.
  • Supervise the activities of student assistants in the educational institution by counseling them to work properly with students and teaching staff as well.
  • Process the application forms submitted by students by undertaking proper checks of documents and genuineness of other financial information provided by the students.
  • Enter data of student applications and other related vital information in necessary fields in financial aid forms for electronic submission.
  • Provide information and response to students and parents about financial aid when contacted personally, over phone and email as well.
  • Preparation of enrollments scrolls for students in the database of the educational institution software.
  • Prepare grants reports for students who have obtained financial aid with all essential and personal information of the students in a serial wise manner.
  • Make presentations to student groups and parents regarding the various types of financial aid that can be availed.
  • Undertake mailing of all the correspondence with regard to financial aid applications to students, parents or guardian where applicable.
  • Maintain files and records of student financial application and be responsible for record room maintenance.

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