Financial Advisor Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Financial Advisor Duties

A financial advisor is a person who advises people on financial issues. He renders his services in finance management, insurance planning, tax review, etc to the government and business organizations. The financial advisor helps the client in maintaining income management and to avoid risks in financial matters. The financial adviser should be an expert in financial matters and should have thorough knowledge of it.

Financial Advisor Job Duties

  • Managed financial accounts of the clients and advised them on their management.
  • Prepared reports on the progress of the policies of the clients and advised ways or discard losses.
  • Reviewed policies, investment bonds and reports for the clients.
  • Handled audit accounts and provided financial counseling to the new customers.
  • Improved profits of the financial institution by improving client base.
  • Managed the association of client base with the company by maintaining records of them and accessing them in need.
  • Compiled, arranged and formulated socio economic data of the customers.
  • Sold financial products like bonds and shares.
  • Answered clients’ queries relating to the financial information and suggested investment alternatives.
  • Evaluated financial performances of the company and its securities management.
  • Worked in evaluating detailed financial records, files and charts.
  • Advised clients on investment plans and budgeting finances.

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