Finance Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

You may be interested in going for the finance profession, but you must have some basic idea of the finance job duties. Finance is a very complex profession and before deciding to go for it, you must have a look at the finance job duties at the various levels of the profession. It is a very wide field and job duties are strikingly different at different types of finance related jobs.

If you are a junior finance executive, you have to identify and analyze the Billing methodologies as you need to do collection and confirmation of billing data. In this position, you are also required to assist in budget preparation, forecasts and evaluation of actual expenses against the budgets.

If you have got some interest in administration, you can opt for finance administration jobs. You will have to do coding of invoices to purchase ledger and also negotiate with vendors and Intec managers regarding such invoices.

If you are a bit of research minded, you must go for providing technical assistance in the design of cost accounting or reporting systems and related forms and documents. You may also have to prepare reports relevant to their research, study and proposals over the investments of the company.
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