Film Script Writer Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Film Script Writer Duties

We cannot possibly have movies we can enjoy in the cinemas or in the comforts of our homes with our DVD player or home theater system without film script writers to the initial job. The script is the heart and core of the film. The script dictates how the film would come about. And so, script writers have such a big responsibility to develop a sensible, coherent and appealing story script that can somehow be sure of a good hit at the box office.

Film Script Writer Job Duties

  • Confer with the film producer or director about the kind of script material they want to have
  • Use a variety of media to come up with a comprehensive research
  • Plan and organize the script
  • Submit the initial script to the producer or director for comments and suggestions
  • Alter or modify the initial script as needed
  • Meet with the producer and director again for a story conference to finalize the script
  • Revise the script after the meeting for some enhancements and or changes needed
  • Adhere to the clients’ requirements as much as possible as they are the ones to compensate you for your work so you have to satisfy them
  • Work with the people in the production in a friendly manner

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