Field Technician Job Duties

By | December 31, 2013

A field technician job involves testing the machines and instruments at the client’s site. The job of this candidate includes maintaining, repairing, and calibrating various instruments and equipments for the appropriate functioning of the machines. The major role and responsibility of this profile is to maintain the machines so that the maximum output can be gained from them.

This is a challenging profile which demands working in extreme conditions. The job requires a thorough understanding about the machines so that the technician can handle and repair the machine without any difficulty. Various field technician job duties are mentioned below:

Field Technician Job Duties

  • A field technician must repair, maintain and calibrate the machines and equipments used in various industries, manufacturing unit and even at retail counters and homes.
  • They must have good technical know-how about the technology used in a specific machine.
  • Preventive maintenance is also performed by the field technician so that the electrical and mechanical safety of the device can be ensured.
  • All the malfunctions in the machines and equipments are diagnosed and repaired by the field technicians.
  • They offer all kind of technical assistance and support to people who are working for the maintenance and operation of the equipments.
  • Field technicians also make recommendation to other concerned staff regarding the machines and their utilities and functionalities.
  • Other equipment technicians are monitored and trained by the field technician.
  • The departments and staff related to improvements and management of the instruments are recommended by the Field technicians.
  • They also train the staff and personal who are going to use the instruments by offering the demonstration of the machine.
  • They also perform test and repair of the instruments at the client’s site according to the service and maintenance contract.
  • Customers are also trained by the field technician regarding the operation and maintenance of the machines and instruments.
  • They follow and fulfill all the duties assigned by their managers.

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