Field Service Engineer Job Duties

By | September 5, 2013

Engineers resort to mathematics and physics to develop economic solutions for technical problems. A field service engineer will analyse, review and inspect the information to determine the source of the problem and recommend repair or replacement. Along with it, a field service engineer will also coordinate problem resolving with other engineers, customer service and other associated personnel. A field service engineer can work for a variety of industries such as electronics, manufacturing, information and technology, construction etc. Various field service engineer job duties are mentioned below:

Field Service Engineer Job Duties:

  • A field service engineer is responsible for the installation and repairing of electronic devices like computer, radar, avionics, communication systems etc.
  • He is liable for consulting with customers or supervisors to plan the layout of the equipment.
  • A field service engineer studies designs, blueprints, schematic manuals and other specifications for determining installation procedures.
  • Installation or overseeing installation of equipment as per manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Operating systems to demonstrate equipments and understanding malfunctions if any.
  • Interpreting maintenance manuals, wiring diagrams, schematics and utilizing knowledge of electronics and also using standard instruments.
  • Consulting with engineer personnel for resolving unusual problems in maintenance and operations.
  • Instructing and giving directions to workers for servicing and repairing equipments.
  • Supervising workers in testing, tuning, and adjustment of equipment for obtaining optimal performance in operation.
  • Suggesting management about customer satisfaction, product performance and generating ideas for product improvements.
  • Maintaining records and performance reports and analysing reports on technical problems to determine trends that will affect future designs, production and service.
  • Recommending solutions to eliminate future problems.
  • Preparing hand books, bulletins based on field investigation, changes in engineering and overall knowledge of the product.
  • Strong and effective communication skills like fluency in English and also the local language of the area where he is stationed.
  • Having a strong level of physical health to endure frequent and long trips.

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