Fashion Stylist Job Duties

By | October 27, 2014

A fashion stylist is a person who works in the fashion industry or with fashion retail stores to help people make fashion choices and suggest ways to build self- image through fashion.  The knowledge of fashion, style, trends and the industry is what helps a fashion stylist with his/her job.  These individuals are also often called image consultants and help celebrities in navigating through the world of style.  To become a fashion stylist, one basically needs strong knowledge and sense of clothes, accessories, body types and other factors which may affect the physical image of the client. The following are the few job duties which a fashion stylist must fulfil in order to work well in this field.

Fashion Stylist Job Duties   

  • A fashion stylist helps his/her client achieve the desired look and helps them with buying personal style items to improve their wardrobe.
  • Another duty is to identify the needs, tastes and requirements of the clients and then style them using their own choices. This is done by helping them buy clothes, shoes and accessories.
  • Fashion stylists may also suggest hair make overs, skin treatments, dental treatments and make up styles to clients to help them carry latest fashion trends more convincingly.
  • Another duty of a fashion stylist is to take care of advertising, marketing and promotion to get more clients and build a good reputation in the market.
  • It is the duty of a fashion stylist to go shop with clients and help them get rid of old and non-flattering clothes, jewelry and footwear.
  • Fashion stylists must complete record keeping duties, should prepare invoices and maintain bills that are to be handed over to the clients either after their job is over or in between the duration.
  • Another duty is to help clients adapt to latest trends and teach them how to upgrade and update their fashion belongings.

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