Fashion Sales Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Fashion Sales Job Duties include promoting the fashion wear of the company or the client they are working for. They are usually employed by a fashion accessories wholesaler or manufacture. Some may even work for retail fashion stores. In order to get into this position won must always be updated with the latest fashion trends and should also possess good communication skills.

Fashion Sales Job Duties

  • Fashion Sales Executives are required to market the fashion products of the company they are employed at.
  • They are usually assigned certain sales targets and are expected to achieve them.
  • Fashion Sales Executives are required to sell fashion accessories, clothes, shoes and other products.
  • They are required to prepare attractive presentations for their fashion products and deliver them in a way to create a good impact about their fashion range on their existing as well as prospective clients.
  • They are required to assist their existing clients and retain them by serving them well and providing them good offers.
  • Fashion Sales Executives need to attract new customers by various means such as advertising their products.
  • They are expected to increase the company‚Äôs revenue by acquiring new clients.
  • Fashion Sales Executives need to stay updated with the latest fashion trends and provide information about the same to the clients.
  • The job of a Fashion Sales Executive involves field work. They need to travel to different places in order to crack sales.
  • They also need to attend the customers that walk into their fashion store and persuade them efficiently to purchase fashion products from their store.

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