Fashion Sales Assistant Job Duties

By | September 21, 2014

A fashion sales assistant is a person who works in a fashion retail store and assists customers and buyers in making purchases depending upon their taste, choice, requirement and size.  When a person visits a fashion retail store to buy clothes, shoes, accessories and other items, then a sales assistant makes sure that the shopping experience for the customers is enjoyable and satisfactory. To work at this position, one must have good sales skills and excellent communication skills. Moreover, knowledge of the field of fashion is also very important. The following are some of the main duties of a fashion sales assistant.

Fashion sales assistant Job Duties   

  • Fashion sales assistant ensures that all the products in the store, shop or showroom are well organized, put on the right displays and are arranged properly.
  • Welcoming the customers to the shop and greeting them is another duty.
  • To ask customers about their requirements and understanding their needs is also a duty of a fashion sales assistant.
  • A fashion sales assistant must also help customers find what they are looking for, find the color that they are looking for and also the size.
  • It is the duty of a fashion sales assistant to handle the payments of the goods purchased by the customers.
  • Another duty is to attend calls of the customers and answer their queries and requests.
  • It is the duty of a fashion sales assistant to order products which are running out of stock and arrange the new items in the right places.
  • Another duty is to handle promotional schemes on various products and attach tags of prices to the fashion products.
  • Making arrangements for those customers who need refund or exchange of products is also a duty of a person working as a fashion sales assistant.


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