Fashion Retail Job Duties

By | October 29, 2014

A fashion retail executive is a person who works for a fashion brand or in a fashion store as a retail executive and takes care of the sales aspect of the business. The retail store executive for a fashion store is in charge of selling of fashion merchandise, accessories or other items and makes sure that they are displayed in such a way that they attract maximum attention. To work in the field of fashion retail, a person must fulfil a lot of duties and responsibilities and the following is a detailed description of a few of the main ones:

Fashion retail Job Duties     

  • A fashion retail executive takes care of the physical aspect of the retail store and makes sure that everything is displayed in an attractive way.
  • The retail executive has to deal with customers and help them make the correct fashion choices.
  • He/she must help customers get their right size and the right color choices.
  • A fashion retail executive should take care of the management of the store and see to it that it is neat, clean and organized at all times.
  • A fashion retail executive must collect payment from the customers after handing them over their bills or receipts.
  • It is the duty of a retail person of a fashion store to use computers and softwares to produce bills and make proper entries and records.
  • A fashion retail professional should be able to inform the store manager about the clothes or accessories that are out of stock or those which are not being sold sufficiently.
  • Fashion retail should put bill tags on new products and mark them with the right price and description.
  • He/she must get in touch with the customers who placed their orders and inform them when their ordered things arrive.


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